Course Development

  • Basin Analysis - the course teaches Mineral Resources Engineers about the processes that lead to the formation of sedimentary mineral deposits.
  • Seismic Methods & Analysis - the course is an introduction for undergraduates to seismic refraction & refraction methods. It particularly concentrates on giving the students an understanding of the behaviour of sound waves and on the practical use of seismic.
  • Economics for UKH undergraduate engineers - Kurdish science students are not taught Economics or Business in their pre-University studies we look to correct this with this course. It is essential that Engineers understand the basics of Macro & Micro Economics to add value to future work.

Research Development

  • Developing the research capability of the UKH
  • Developing links with top tier academics inside Kurdistan and abroad

Lecturer, University of Kurdistan Hawler (UKH) March 2016 - July 2016

?Visiting Lecturer with courses in Petroleum Economics & Field Mapping for undergraduate Engineers at the University of Kurdistan.

Responsibilities/skills included:

  • Two hours of teaching + one hour of contact time/week, and any other activities along with this module in addition to preparation and assessment of mid, final and resit exams along with answer key solutions, marking, field/industry visit if required. 

Senior Petroleum Geoscientist, ERCL Ltd February 2013 - December 2015?

Senior Geoscientist in a consultancy supporting the exploration work of the company’s clients.  Diverse responsibilities including data analysis, report writing, mentoring/developing junior team members. 

Responsibilities/skill include:

  • Supporting growth and development of junior team members, helping them to achieve per their performance objectives. 
  • Evaluating suppliers of software & hardware used by company staff, to inform acquisition recommendations.
  • Data analysis, interpretation, and visualisation.
  • Data management, and data loading on behalf of clients and ahead of ERCL’s project work.

Senior Petroleum Geologist, Impact Oil & Gas Ltd January 2012 – December 2013?

Senior Petroleum Geologist in a small exploration company, with responsibilities across all aspects of geoscience.

Responsibilities/skills included:

  • Undertaking Geological studies to delineate best areas for exploration and defining exploration targets (for drilling) within these ‘Play Fairways’. Our work was ratified by the farm-out (sale) of exploration targets to ExxonMobil.
  • Adhering to regulatory requirements of entities such as the South African government.
Fellow of the Geological Society

James is looking to contribute to solutions for the challenges faced by the Kurdistan Region, drawing on his experience as a Geologist in the industry and on his broader interest in the natural world.

  • Fractured carbonate Reservoirs
  • Environmental Science

  • Economics - Petroleum & Water Resources Engineering (2015/16 & 2016/17)
  • Field Mapping (2015/16)
  • Basin Analysis (2016/17)
  • Seismic Methods & Analysis (2016/17)

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